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Friday, March 09, 2007

Moores Creek reenactments

These pictures are from the 231st anniversary of the battle at Moores Creek, one of the earliest battles of the Revolutionary War, if not the earliest (February, 1776). It was a decisive defeat for the Loyalists, and prevented an early British victory in the South.

I was proudest of all of this shot -- it's tough to get muzzle blast.

Okay, so our daughter was less than enthralled some of the time. I think she still had fun for the most part.

This fife and drum corps is actually dressed in Colonial colors, not British. The musicians apparently dressed in the opposite color of the infantry. Since the British infantry wore red (the infamous "Redcoats"), the musicians wore blue. In the Colonial military, the opposite was true -- the infantry wore blue, while the musicians wore red.

The reenactors there really did live for two days like Colonials (and the Loyalists on the other side of the bridge). They pitched tents and slept in them, even doing their own cooking on the spot. The couple here is enjoying a meal that looked as good as anything I see in most Cajun restaurants, a low-country shrimp boil, I think they called it.

And then there is the adorableness of this little boy, practicing on his penny whistle while his dad plays the recorder. How do I know it's a boy? Well, for one, his mom told me. But for the other, she explained that children of both genders wore those dress-like garments. But the boys wore buttons, while the girls had things that closed with laces. This was in imitation of the parents -- men wore clothing with buttons, while women wore garments that laced up. This was because women got pregnant, meaning that their clothing needed to expand, and then contract -- and they couldn't go buy a maternity wardrobe. Men, on the other hand, were apparently expected to gain their weight once and keep it on.


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