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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bubba and Broadway

Okay, to start in earnest on the catching of up.

Way back for Valentine's Day, I wanted to take my wife to a Broadway show. Before she left NYC, she had really wanted to see one more. Unfortunately, all of my plans fell through, so I ended up giving her a raincheck for when we could actually get both a babysitter and a reasonably affordable performance on the same date. That date finally came toward the end of April.

We went to see a performance of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. En route, we stopped for dinner at a restaurant on Times Square. On a whim, we ducked into the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company (yes, it's derived from the movie Forrest Gump, which no, I don't heartily recommend.) The restaurant, however, I do heartily recommend. The setting and atmosphere were unique, and the food was phenomenal. I haven't had Louisiana food any better, even in Louisiana! It's apparently quite the hotspot here these days; our waitress told us that she had just served the actor who played the beast a day or two before.

The Broadway performance wasn't quite as suprisingly spectacular as the dinner, though. To be sure, it was neat, and the performers were all incredibly skillful and talented. But the added musical numbers only contained one or two that matched the quality of the original ones. There were some really neat dance routines, but there was also some suggestive dance and deliberate double entendre that just didn't add anything to the show for us. It was still enjoyable, just not all that it could have been.

On the whole, a very pleasant evening. We enjoyed the time together without the young'un (of course, we wouldn't want to be away from her all the time -- but a night every once in a while sure can be nice.) And you wouldn't believe how much easier it is to navigate the subway system without a four-year-old.


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