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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Keeping busy

Well, that's what I usually say when people ask what I've been up to. Wednesday, Dr. Stagno was ill, so I got to preach on about a half hour's notice. Not a problem, and of course that meant I could only use up a half hour in preparation -- no big deal, I guess. The service went pretty well. I wound up using the lesson I had prepared for the teens - very basic. It seemed like it went over pretty well with the adults there, though. We have a fair number of young believers, so it fit okay.

Then I wound up embroiled in a head-to-head writing duel at the Notebored. Not my fault, really! I was just trying to stir up a little trouble, and next thing I know, I'm facing off with some published author/columnist. That duel wound up being delayed for the sake of the Liberty Hall 1st year's end competition. And for me that had to wait until after the men's fellowship on Saturday evening (went well -- food was absolutely terrific, and the fellowship was great too.) On a side note about that, one of the dishes we feasted on was veal Sorrentino -- prepared by the man whose father invented the dish in his New York restaurant decades ago. Oh, and teaching the teens this morning needed preparation, too.

Then it turns out that Liberty Hall has suffered from some kind of hacker attack on its host's servers -- whole site crashed, with all data from the last month lost. What a mess. It'll take the owner a fair chunk of time and money to get it back up again.

Anyhow, the service this morning went well, considering it was the morning after the start of daylight savings time -- we always have a low turnout on this day. We're excited, though, because a man named Fernando attended this morning and trusted Christ as Savior. And it didn't really hurt anything that the weather was absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous today.


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