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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring Treasure Hunt

We held the fourth annual Spring Treasure Hunt for the church children today. Again, we had a strong turnout, including several first-time visitors among children and the adults who brought them. The kids had a great time, there was more than enough candy for all (I'm fairly confident that some eggs and whatnot remain hidden around the church property -- I couldn't remember where I hid all several hundred items, and some were apparently hidden too well.) Paul Funchess gave a clear and simple explanation of Easter with a gospel presentation.

In other news, Sam Hazewinkel was upset in his first match at the Greco-Roman nationals today. He ended up wrestling back for a third-place finish. I hope this doesn't become a habit for him -- you can't afford to give away one bad match per tournament at that level. Next big thing on his plate is probably the world cup trials. Better luck there.


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